Goodbye to the "G" in INMGMA
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By Jen Ash

 The national MGMA is  now requiring a formal affiliation agreement with any groups that use “MGMA” in their name.  In order to maintain our tax exempt status and local control, we are moving forward with a name change for our local group.  The Executive Committee and WSMGMA have reviewed the agreement and we have decided that this change is the best course of action for our local group.


We continue to support the mission and values of both the state and national MGMA groups, but find the new requirements too costly and labor intensive for us.  Many of us will remain active in the state and national groups, and we encourage you to do the same.


The new name will be Inland Northwest Medical Managers (INMMA).  This change will enable us to continue to operate as we have in the past. You will start to see the conversion here on the website from INMGMA to INMMA, as well as on printed materials.